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Pastor J. Mark Wagenschutz, a native Texan, was saved at the age of 21 and answered the call of God to the ministry a year later. He received his training at Averyville Baptist Church in Illinois while attending Fellowship Baptist College receiving a Graduate of Theology degree and later a Bachelor of Theology from Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary. After graduating he served for five years as Associate Pastor at Flushing Bible Baptist Church in Michigan where his father was pastoring. He became the pastor of TPBC in September of 1991. Pastor Wagenschutz and his wife Dawn have raised three daughters who are all involved in the ministry.
  School Supervisor- Rachel Wark, Biography coming soon.
Ministry Leaders
Bus Director - Terry Shold
Choir and Youth Choir Director - Jon Wark
King's Kids Director - Amanda Wark
King's Kids Choir Director - Jill Shold
Nursing Home Pastor -
Nursery Director - Cindy Brown
Office Manager/ Missions' Secretary - Lynn Shold
Soul Winning Director - Terry Shold
Television Ministry Director - Harvey Maas


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